About Us

CASSA works under the conceptual guidance of South Asian Foundation for Academic Research (SAFAR / safarsouthasia.org). We are a group of research scholars from universities around the globe. At present, there are three major research works undertaken by CASSA: Nepal Studies, Bangladesh Studies, and Comparative South Asian Studies. The academic supervisors and research students come from various disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. CASSA invites students and scholars to engage in South Asian and Asian Studies by adopting to cutting edge methodologies and contents developed by academics in the Center. We provide comprehensive discursive platform to engage in methodological discourse before working with the applicants to begin research.  

Our Mission CASSA is an interdisciplinary discursive platform of an international academic community of scholars. The Center organizes seminar-workshops, lectures, summer and winter institutes, panel discussions and debates, and literary and artistic public engagements on a wide range of topics from human to natural sciences. We propose South Asia as a methodological location so that we build a discursive continuity of issues from the local to the global. CASSA has permanent faculty and visiting scholars who work with researchers from various fields. The Center is open to researchers from any part of the globe. It also has a biannual journal, Asian Review of Humanities. CASSA’s academic focus at present is research on Comparative South Asian Studies. By using interdisciplinary methodologies from fields in the humanities and social sciences, we critique the parameters of area studies, shift the conventional regional studies by newer perspectives, decentralize localism, use methods like distant comparativism, radical pluralism, and post-representative ideas of feminism. We offer a space of inclusivity and of unconditional discursive platform for international community of academics.